Thursday, February 6, 2014

55. Jenny Idea Lady

So, I'm branching out a little bit and trying to post a bit more often.
I keep planning to write more, but somehow I get overwhelmed with what I want to write and sitting down and writing it so that I can post.
Well, I went and met some new people last month, people in my area from a larger group that author/speaker Jon Acuff started. We talked about our dreams and our goals, and though blogging wasn't my goal for the month, it came up in the conversation. I admitted I hardly ever blog.
They told me I should be blogging every day, even just a little bit.
They're right.

If I want people to regularly read what I post, I need to post more.
I haven't a clue who actually even reads my blog. I know from the statistics that it isn't just one person, but I couldn't say for sure who is reading since nobody comments. (If you don't like commenting just because you can't think of anything to say, I can totally relate! But, if you click on the About Me section there's a place for comments there where you can simply say hi if you want.)

For various silly reasons I just don't feel right posting short posts here.
And though I'll post short things on Twitter (@Jilnyej) occasionally, it's really doesn't allow enough room most of the time.
So, I've started a second blog on Tumblr. I plan to be posting daily there, just a picture or a quote if nothing else. Something to get me in the habit. (Though plans fail...)
And then, I will still be keeping this blog. Here I'll post the longer explanations, like this... the why I did whatever I did and how I feel about it and such. Sometimes I'll link back to here from Tumblr, and sometimes I'll link to Tumblr from here. I also plan to do a (biweekly?) summary on this blog of things I posted to Tumblr and my Facebook page, such as the posts you'll see below.

This post gives an explanation of who Jil is vs who Jenny is, specifically geared to why I started a Facebook page and why I gave it the name I did. (JennyIdeaLady- follow me!) Stay tuned on this blog for the longer version of how I got the nickname.

And this post is about a conversation that happened while I was in the middle of setting up the page and hits on part of the reason for it. Thanks sis!

Thanks for reading!

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