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I'll start out with a secret- my name is Jenny. Everywhere else on this blog I will probably refer to myself as Jil and when I talk about people I generally haven't used their real names. Jil (Jenny Idea Lady) was a nickname given to me by the neighbor girl back around middle school, when she and a friend wanted my help with a project (which I never did help with).

About me- I'm 32, live in Oregon (USA), and generally consider myself boring. (If was exciting I'd post more... then again, if I was exciting I probably wouldn't have time to post more.)

If you want to learn more about who I am by what I do for fun, this post on my "interesting" hobbies would be the place to go.

If you wanted to know why I started the blog, this is the post to see.

I started posting a Bible study on Job just as filler when I wanted to post something but didn't have anything to say. I post so infrequently I wonder if it will ever end?

My nephew and I- May 2013.

If you want to follow me other places (hopefully you aren't actually all stalkers...), here's some places I can be found:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jilnyej

This page is currently just a work in progress, stop by again soon, and in the meanwhile feel free to leave a comment about yourself!

~esthella ara jil~

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