Wednesday, July 30, 2014

58. Hanson vs Jil- Jenny Idea Lady- Part 3

Okay, I promised the story of how I got the nickname Jenny Idea Lady, and then I avoided posting for ages because it's a bit silly, but I have the posts mostly written, I really just need to get them out of the way! So, here's the beginning of the Jil saga.

It started with Hanson actually. That band of kids with long hair, you know? Yeah... my next door neighbor, Stephanie, and her friend, Candace were big fans of them. They probably still are... at least, I'm pretty sure I've seen a few references to Hanson back when Stephanie had Facebook. I am not certain exactly how long ago this happened, 15 years at least.

The girls decided that they wanted to make a present for Hanson... and somehow they had got it in their minds that I was creative and would give them an idea of something to make.
Now, being as I wasn't so much a fan, I hadn't a clue what they'd like. (And, would they really want anything the girls would send them anyway? Well, I wasn't going to suggest that to them, didn't want to hurt their feelings. After all, what do I know, I've never been much of a fangirl. Maybe people sent them things all the time, maybe famous people actually use the things people sent them...)

As they begged for my help, Candace (I think) began to call me Jenny Idea Lady.

At some point it got shortened to Jil, although Candace never liked that I spell it with just one L. However, she never came up with something for the second L, so I still spell it with one L.

The story is a lot more interesting in my memory than when I put it down in words. It's amazing how many little details are forgotten over the years...

I don't know if they ever picked something cool and exciting to send to Hanson.
I just know that I liked the nickname.

The truth is, I'm using a nickname that I proved to not be true the first time I was called it.

I don't always have ideas. And sometimes I don't have good ideas. But, sometimes I do have ideas, and they're good, and I need to be more than just an Idea Lady. I need to follow through.
And in my mind, Jil is the part of me who does that, who finishes her paintings and her novels without fear of what happens next.

Jil has ideas and does something about them.
Because Jenny doesn't.

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