Wednesday, April 10, 2013

46. Camp NanoWrimo

So, I'm trying Camp NaNoWrimo this April. I started to try it one other year but wasn't in to my story enough to really work at it, but I've a story to write this time.

I'm so forgetful, I realized that I never told you I won NaNoWriMo back in November (that is, I reached over 50,000 words, yay!) It's hard for me to write that much, I'm not a wordy person, and that makes it even more satisfying to reach the goal. 
However, by the end of November I realized that my story wanted to be a trilogy... and that the story I was writing was actually the second, at least chronologically.
So, this month I'm working on the prequel so that I can figure out some motivations of secondary characters in order to be able to finish Eventually. I'm still thinking that if I ever finish the stories I'll publish Eventually first. If I do the prequel first it gives away too much of the secondary characters past, plus the main characters in the prequel and sequel are different than in Eventually.
One of the nice things about Camp is that we can now choose our own goals. 50,000 is much too high for me to aim for more than once a year, so I went with 30,000. Still a high goal for me, in fact I'm behind by about 5000 words at the moment, but I caught up a lot from how behind I was earlier today.

So, I thought I'd give you a bonus scene from Eventually. This happens about a third of the way through the story:


The pirate captain was leaning off the bow of his ship, watching them carefully. Evan felt his presence before he saw him, but was startled anyway when he realized that a huge ship had appeared out of nowhere. He held tightly to Adelaide’s arm which caused her to start. She began to ask what was wrong, but as Evan began to reassure her that all was well, the pirate spoke.
“Ahoy there ye landlubbers! How fares the lady fair?”

“Well, good sir!” Adelaide hollered back, as though a pirate ship was no big matter. Indeed, Evan wondered if maybe it was not as big a deal as he feared.
“Ah, my day is now complete, the fairest of the fair has called me good sir. Alas, she knows me not at all.” The pirate had gradually made his way their direction and was now standing in front of them, bowing theatrically toward Adelaide.
“May I inquire as to the beautiful lady’s name.”
“Adelaide,” she replied as if without a care, but was also kind enough to mention Evan, for which he was grateful. “This is my intended, Eventually.”
The pirate didn't seem to wish to hear of Evan, for he slaughtered his name while suavely continuing to direct his inquiries to “the most beautiful Miss Adelaide”.
Finally, Evan, getting tired of this, turned to Adelaide. “Adelaide, my dear, let us be moving on. I wish to spend time with you, not with this… pirate.”
“Now I am insulted my most beautiful Miss Adelaide, cannot you tell I am more than just a pirate? Indeed, this… man… here, does he truly appreciate a beauty as yourself? Why don’t you stay here with me, I can tell you nobody appreciates exquisite like a pirate.”
Evan was annoyed at Adelaide’s giggle, but soothed when she replied, “Thank you sir, but I don’t think I would do so well at a pirate’s life, it’s best I stay with my Evan, for though adventure calls, I would rather stay with a steady man than one who is called to the sea.”
“We shall see,” the pirate replied, “for I shall find you again and you will wish to follow, indeed, if you change your mind, just call for Captain (?) and I will arrive to whisk you away to adventure and treasure beyond your imagination.”
“Adventure is overrated,” Evan said, gritting his teeth and wishing he wasn't in the middle of one.
“Adventure is for the adventurous,” Adelaide said, patting Evan on his arm, “Let us be going, I am ready for tea.”
She curtsied lightly to the pirate, “Thank you for the conversation good sir, have yourself a blessed day.”
“Thank you the most beautiful Miss Adelaide,” he replied with a deep bow, “I look forward to the day we meet again.”
Evan and him returned quick nods and Evan and Adelaide were on their way again.
“Ah,” sighed the pirate, “My most beautiful Miss Adelaide, how I envy that man.”

A bit exaggerated and goofy, I'm sure it gives you a different impression of the story than the previous passage, the prologue bit. 

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