Saturday, November 24, 2012

44. November Again

It's November again... which means I'm so busy writing (Yay NaNoWriMo!) that I don't get anything I should done... even if I'm behind on my word count. Sadly, yes, I'm behind this year, however I'm over 30,000 which is better than I've done any other year except when I won two years ago. I still have hope of winning (if only I would focus...). Because I'm so nice, I'll give you a small excerpt from my story... I'm thinking this might be the prologue. If it isn't, it's a flashback scene. The Evan in this part, at about age 6, is the main character for a story I'm calling Eventually and this scene hints toward why.


“He’s a cute kid, ain't he ma?”
Evan stood, face pressed against the glass of the taffy shop, eyes open wide and mouth pressed, open, against the glass, as if any second someone would pop a piece of candy in, he was ready.

Ma and Tony were on their way back from hanging out at the beach with Pa and Jake.
“Well, not as cute as you my boy, but he sure looks ready for some taffy. Wonder where his parents are off at.”
“Can I talk to him.”
“Can’t see why not, maybe I’ll go pick up some taffy and you can have a little chat. It’s always good to make friends. It will make it easier for us to learn more about this place.”
“I miss home.”
“So do I, but it’s better for us here. Eventually we’ll be able to go home, things will go our way.”
“When is eventually?”
“I don’t know son, I don’t know.”
“I hope eventually is soon.”
Ma smiled and headed in to the shop while Tony stood over by the other kid, leaning into the window and watching the taffy pull stretch and turn and stretch. Finally the other boy closed his mouth and blinked; and turned and said “hullo”.
“Hi!” Tony replied, eyes still gleefully fixed on the taffy before him. Finally, with a quick glance to see if Ma was finished yet, he turned his head slightly toward the boy. “I love taffy, do you like taffy? What’s your favorite flavor? I like watermelon best, or maybe peanut butter.”
“Taffy, is that what they are making in there?” The boy stopped and considered the word, repeating “taffy” over and over as if saying the word, the way it rolled off his tongue, was tasting it also. “I have not tried taffy before. Mother says it rots teeth.”
“Ma says it makes your teeth and jaw stronger because you have to work so hard to eat it.”
“Wow, that’s cool. You have a cool mom!”
“Sure, I guess so.” Tony shrugged.
The bells on the door jingled as Ma came back out. “Ready to go?”
“Sure. Did you get some watermelon flavor?”
“’Course I did, think I forgot what my boy likes? Have a nice visit with your new buddy?”
Tony and Evan smiled. “Yeah, he’s cool, but his mom isn't as nice as you.”
“Aww, well, nobody is as nice as me a ‘course, our family is just the nicest peoples ever.”
Tony turned toward the boy, “My name is Tony, what’s your name?”
“My name is Evan.”
Ma started, almost dropping the bag. Her and Tony looked at each other and she asked,
“Evan… as in eventually?”

As for the rest of my life, today I slept until about 2 in the afternoon because I'm a cashier and worked 7:30 pm to 3:30 am Black Friday... or is it Black Thursday now? Thankfully I was still able to spend Thanksgiving with family. Then this evening I had a lovely dinner with family because my birthday is this weekend.

And one of these days I need to write some more thankful posts... plus now I need to write thank you notes for gifts. Thanks for reading. :)

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