Thursday, March 15, 2012

34. Job 1:12

Job 1:12
And the Lord said to Satan, "Behold, all that he has is in your power, only do not lay a hand on his person."

God let Satan control Job's wealth and family. He let Satan destroy all Job loved. It seems incomprehensible that God could allow, much less permit such slaughter to any person. After all isn't He a loving God? Obviously this is one of those things not quite in our reach of mind. It does in a way, however, give quite a bit of comfort to mind, that Satan can only take what he is allowed "only do not lay a hand of his person." Job was protected against the worst, at least for now.
Lord, thank you for the protection we have in You against the evil one. Help me to stand up for You and the things You stand for because, unlike Job, temptation to wander and wonder often begins to get a hold on me. Let me always stick with the fact of Your love.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

33. Organization- Dresser

So, I'm in an organizing kick. Partly because I ended up reading a couple organizing blogs. I can't remember why. Possibly Pinterest. Or Flylady. Anyway... It really start around Christmas, which those friends of mine on Facebook may remember my pictures of my mess, which I then proceeded to organize as I put things away. (No pictures of things put away, just of the cleaned living room/ kitchen.) Well, if you look at the picture below you can possibly see that I moved the wrapping paper in a bag for it below the lamp in the empty corner between the dresser and a bookshelf.
This is the top of my dresser. Or, that is, was. I had already changed it, but I changed it back just so there could be a before picture of at least one thing.

I'm afraid I haven't fixed the whole thing, just the right side. So, here, have a closeup of what I worked on yesterday.

I know on Facebook I talked about rearranging bookshelves, but I started here.
I actually moved the blue bin to the side a week or two ago. It held address books/ church picture directories, a couple clipboards and and drawing pads. This was better than before I put it up there, where it held old calenders, gift bags, coloring books and other miscellaneous stuff, but you'll have to check back another time to see what I did with it. The candle is a bit out of season, so it was due to be moved anyway. The blue bin at the bottom of the pile holds scrap-booking paper. I don't ever scrapbook (my pictures are all at my parent's house still), but occasionally I use the paper for crafts. I bought some pretty paper back in December that I hadn't put in there because it's such a pain to get in to. So- Goal 1: Change so I can get to scrap-booking paper
The two sideways bins are okay, well, they look kind of messy, but I didn't specifically set out to fix what was in them. One of them holds old church newsletters and the other scraps of drawings. Well, the drawings aren't in there anymore (not that you can tell by the picture), but I'll get to that in a bit. The top bucket holds painting supplies. It's obviously messy looking. I didn't really have a goal there either. On to what I did....

I was thinking about buying drawers that would fit the newsletters and then something else on top, but didn't happen across any in my short look that were the right size (and I didn't really want to spend money), then I happened to remember I had drawers under my bed. One of them was almost empty, it just had some drawings in it and a light box. The other had painting supplies from art class long ago. Perfect! I put the drawing pads in with the light box and added a few more stray craft supplies to the bottom drawer. The scrapbook paper bin went alongside with a few larger canvas. 
If you look back at the picture of the whole dresser you'll see the photo laying down on top of the CD player. It's a picture of Mom's side of the family a couple Easter's ago.
The box with books to the side- what replaced the blue bin when I moved it a couple weeks ago. I am gradually getting rid of books, and one of the places to start is giving Mom back books which are technically hers. However, I hate to get rid of books without reading/ rereading them, so as I read them I'm moving them into this box.

So, this is the bottom of my huge bookcase. (It also wasn't part of the bookshelves I talked about rearranging.) If you couldn't tell, it's got some of my bigger drawing paper pads. The pink and blue thing Mom made for me to keep my artwork from school. The case to the side is my computer case, a nice easy to get to spot. I don't have a before pic of this, at various times it's had my sewing machine and typewriter in front of all this stuff, but the before pic would have had puzzles that fell out of the box to the left (stuff to get rid of) when it was in front of the shelf. The blue box I bought for something else that didn't fit like I was hoping, so in the midst of making decisions about what to do with the top of the dresser I happened upon the great idea of putting all the drawings and art work that were in one of the bins from earlier in it. Much easier to drop something in as I'm sorting papers, and at some point I'll organize what's in it better. Hooray! Another perfect thing stumbled across.
And we can always hope that now that more of my art stuff is accessible, I'll use it more...