Monday, October 19, 2009

29. Job 1:9

It crossed my mind that I hadn't posted for Job in a while. I thought I might have stopped because I lost my notebook, but I was sure I'd seen it recently. Sure enough, it wasn't where it belonged but it was in some recent paperwork I'd gone through. Here we go again...

Job 1:9
So Satan answered the LORD and said, “Does Job fear God for nothing?"

Satan says, there has got to be a reason why Job is so great. It's because You (God) have been very generous with him. (See verse 10) If you gave any person so much they would fear you. That isn't neccessarily true... there are many who are without that fear the Lord, and many that posses who do not. In fact, I would say the more someone gives me the less I fear them. (Unless it's like the mafia, the more they give you the more people they expect you to kill for them?)
Did Job fear the Lord for nothing? Is Satan instead suggesting that Job shouldn't have feared the Lord because there was nothing to fear if God was taking care of him, so God should give him a reason to fear? Fear of the Lord is mentioned as the beginning of wisdom and knowledge a couple times in Scripture. So, perhaps what God gave Job that made him fear God was not great possessions, but wisdom.

Lord, why do I fear you? Or maybe, do I fear you? I know that you are greater than just a giver of good things. Please give me the wisdom to fear You.

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