Sunday, July 6, 2014

57. Frames

I was looking through my old photos and found this goofy one of me which I posted on Facebook.

A friend commented that I needed frames for my pieces of glass. Well, they have frames... the frames wouldn't help much for the wearing of them...

It was taken in July... 2012. I randomly take pictures of projects I'm working on, just in case I want to blog about them... and then I never do.

This wasn't really much of a project, I bought these picture frames at Goodwill. They were quite filthy, which is why I had the glass out.

The details on the frame weren't so easy to clean as the glass, there was plenty of spiderwebs and dust covering them.

Had to take out all these little brads around the edge, stuck them on a magnetic pin thing for sewing.

I think this is one of the before pictures, but to be honest it's really hard to tell. The window blinds make a cool design, but they hide the pictures.

Here is one of the after pictures.
I haven't decided if I'm keeping the photos in them or if I'm going to find something else I like, but for now they are pretty enough.

And finally, a picture of them hanging on the wall in the living room after one roommate moved out and before the next one moved in.
So, basically, this is all the furniture I had in the livingroom at that point in time. (I've managed to pick up some more furniture since, though I've moved, so that just means more furniture in storage.)

Totally looks like where someone as goofy-looking as me might hang out, right?
Have a fun day!

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