Monday, July 8, 2013

50. Fire

Hope you all had a nice weekend; I'm just starting mine now. I ended up with three days off so I'm going to visit my sister who recently moved about 3 hours away.

But, I thought I'd post my sketch for the week, or actually month now.

This week's word was fire.

Strangely, the only fire idea that popped into my head was totally out of season.

Started with the fireplace and drew the window with the little hands pressed against it, but all I could imagine at that moment was a sad little kid looking in the window at an empty place with a fire, and that didn't sound nice at all, so I set it aside. Later, when looking at it again I felt the urge to have the child sticking his tongue out, so I drew him, and then had to decide what he was sticking his tongue out at. Decided there had to be someone who didn't want to play outside, but stay in by the fire.

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