Saturday, November 24, 2012

44. November Again

It's November again... which means I'm so busy writing (Yay NaNoWriMo!) that I don't get anything I should done... even if I'm behind on my word count. Sadly, yes, I'm behind this year, however I'm over 30,000 which is better than I've done any other year except when I won two years ago. I still have hope of winning (if only I would focus...). Because I'm so nice, I'll give you a small excerpt from my story... I'm thinking this might be the prologue. If it isn't, it's a flashback scene. The Evan in this part, at about age 6, is the main character for a story I'm calling Eventually and this scene hints toward why.


“He’s a cute kid, ain't he ma?”
Evan stood, face pressed against the glass of the taffy shop, eyes open wide and mouth pressed, open, against the glass, as if any second someone would pop a piece of candy in, he was ready.