Tuesday, November 1, 2011

32. 2011

Well, I guess we've verified that I'm no good at blogging... and things have actually happened this fall that I could have blogged about. Like the college group's camping trip that I just barely got to go on. Or that my sister got married (Congratulations!!). Let's see... what else... Dad got laid off, my brother finished college and is looking for a job, my Mom is working with a new teacher. Awana and Bible study (this year we're studying Acts) have started up again. And I'm now addicted to Korean dramas. And maybe I'll practice being a blogger and tell you all about these things... we'll see.
But, all in all, I am still pretty much boring.

However, Nanowrimo has started again! Apparently I never did come back and tell you that I actually won last year! That makes this year a little more exciting, if I won once I can do it again, right? I am less certain about the story I ended up choosing this year. It stalled in the past (yes, I do usually end up writing a story I started long ago, however I rarely have more than five pages written) because I couldn't figure out why the main character left... and therefore, more important to the story, why he goes back.
So, there you go... I am still alive after all.