Saturday, October 4, 2008

20. September


I really didn't mean to not post in September. I keep forgetting how quickly time passes! I couldn't slip you any of my notes on Job for a while there either (just so it looked like I hadn't forgotten you) because I couldn't find the notebook it was in. Never fear though, I have found it today and you shall suffer again in the near future! [Evil laugh]

I might tell you about the details of my September vacations if I get around to it later, but for a short summary of the month: Awana started (I began a post on this, but obviously didn't finish.), BSF also started (studying The Life of Moses this year), the college group at church went on a camping trip, then there was women's retreat the next weekend, and for my sister's birthday we went to the coast the last weekend.

I don't know that I have ever been gone from my church that many weekends in a row! Wonder if anyone missed me? It's nice to be home (wasn't really feeling quite so lonely this month, was ready for a day off by myself.)

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