Sunday, June 29, 2008

15. Softball and Sun

I don't like sports. Actually, most the time I hate sports. (Especially watching... Soccer wasn't too bad to play in youth group, and tennis, badminton, volleyball or swimming can be fun if it isn't really competitive.)

But, I've managed to sit through a couple softball games that I enjoyed.
My grandma's ex-husband's granddaughter plays softball, and twice I've gone with my grandma to watch. Because I don't care for sports, that is certainly not the reason I went. I go because, one, my grandma is getting old enough that although she is capable, we still don't like her driving an hour and a half away by herself. And mostly, two, now that she's divorced, she gets much more lonely.

So, the first softball game was about two years ago, and the first time that I remember meeting this family. I don't recall if she won the game that time or not, the field was situated about eye level... which meant when the wind blows (and it was really blowing that day!)... well, we didn't watch the game quite so much.
This year it was hot, running around 100 I believe. So, we didn't really talk so much during the game. (I got a lovely sunburn... of course I knew I should put on sunscreen, and of course my grandma had some, but... I didn't. My forehead is peeling now. Yuck.)
I don't know how the girls played with so much heat, but they won, 5 to 3. This meant they got to play again at 6 instead of right away at 4. Grandma was trying to make me decide whether we were going to go home then or stay and watch the other game. We ended up going back to the hotel (air conditioning, yay!), and hanging out with the younger daughter while the others went back for the second game (which they lost... but there were still more games to play the next day). I have a couple interests in common with the younger girl, so it was fun talking with her. Afterwards we went out for pizza and then grandma made me drive home. (She often does when it's dark out. It's really weird driving her van, I'm used to a huge vehicle, but not used to sitting up so high.)
Well, that's all I have to say for today except that I wonder how long I'll remember what I understand about softball at the moment.

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