Monday, June 9, 2008

9. Boring

I'm boring.

Hopefully so far you don't actually think so, but I am. I rarely have anything to say. I'll think back over great conversations that have happened when I hang out with friends and recall that I said maybe one sentance.

Back in college I emailed back and forth with a friend on campus and at some point we determined my topic switch was broken. (His might have been too, we were always arguing about who's turn it was to think of something to talk about.) I don't know if it was broken before college, but it hasn't been fixed yet.

How does someone become interesting? I'm not sure this is a problem I can fix. I don't want to just learn a bunch of things to spout off and "impress" (or more likely annoy) my friends. I don't know that I'll ever be quick to think of things to talk about...

Well, if you have the answers, pass them on.

[I'm not sure why I never came back before and mentioned this, most likely because no one reads my blog. :) Anyhow, Marshall posted a pretty awesome series on How to be Interesting at his bondChristian site quite a while back.]

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