Saturday, May 10, 2008

2. It's not my fault!

Okay, so maybe it could be... most likely it is, but I really can't prove it either way.
I was supposed to go with friends over to the coast today to visit Lele (names changed for... whatever, etc. etc.) since she's over there studying for a term at Hatfield Marine Science Center and we miss her. We were to leave the church at 9am.
At approximately 6:11 this morning I woke to a faint knocking sound. I wasn't certain whether it was my roommate doing something or someone at the door, or someone knocking at the next door. I got up after it continued a while to check if my roommate was up and here (she gets up early to run) and after determining that she was I used the bathroom and went back to sleep figuring she must be making the noise.
I woke up a little after 10 when Katia came home. I don't know what happened to my alarm (set for 8am), I don't recall it going off. She said my sister had called her since she couldn't get ahold of me (why would my cell phone be on, I was sleeping and had no plans to wake up until my alarm went off.) ... Katia had misread my schedule and thought I was working today so she had no idea. She said that it hadn't been her making noises, there was some guy knocking on the door that she didn't know, apparently he and his friend we're parking down next to my car (in a non-parking spot) with license plates from arizona... she didn't open the door so this'll remain a mystery.
So... we can blame my alarm, we can blame the guy waking me up so I used the bathroom too early, we can blame Kale for introducing me to a new webcomic so that I stayed up too late reading.
Ah well... at least I got a couple things done today instead of hanging out with friends.

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