Wednesday, August 27, 2008

18. Family Trips

This summer my family drove up to visit some of our relatives. I haven't been on a car trip with them for a while, so it was a fond reminder of all those hated family trips. Most of my extended family lives in Washington (this being where my parents grew up), so most family vacations growing up consisted of driving to Washington. Happily, we were meeting the extended family at a campground 3 hours away instead of the 8 hours away that they live.

So... car trips. I'm sure you've experienced a few... telling younger siblings to stop singing because you want to listen to the music, only to have a hard time not singing yourself. The annoying feel of your brothers sleeve constantly brushing against your arm. How boring it all gets so that you desperately start looking for letters on license plates and signs to keep yourself entertained.

Well, there are a few things that are annoying even as an adult. The major one, now that I can drive it is certainly harder being a passenger! I admit, I don't really care for the way my dad drives. This isn't because he's a bad driver. After all, he's worked many years as a driver... but this also means that he's driven a lot by himself. He also tends to get mad at bad drivers, and if you're tailgating, he'll stomp on the brakes to get you to back off. It's very hard to stay asleep when the car jerks suddenly.

We also have assigned seating in the car, and my place sucks. Gem gets carsick (even still as an adult, just not near as bad), so she gets to sit up front. Dad drives of course. Mom sits up front in the middle (I think because she's smaller, and because she likes sitting next to dad). Ian has long legs, so he sits behind Gem, because her seat is normally not quite as far back as dad's (which makes it a bit awkward for mom in the middle, especially in this car which doesn't have a real seat behind the middle, just an arm-rest in up position). This leaves shorter me behind dad... so I have to lean one way or the other to see out. I don't get motion sick as easily as Gem, but I will if I'm not watching out the window. Then, dad is constantly putting his arm up on the window sill and taking it down, so if I'm watching that way, I have to lean the other way... and leaning means I end up putting my arms to sleep.

So... I sleep most of the way there and back, because otherwise I go crazy! The main problem with this is that my dad prefers to go up the back way, and that is closer to their house. So I'm the one that has to get up and drive over way too early (though with 4 people in the house with 1 bathroom vs 2 people with 2 bathrooms, I don't have to get up earlier than them), and then drive the half hour home, by myself, after sleeping (which can sure make it hard to stay awake while driving), at about 11 pm.

But, if it wasn't for the travel... it was really great to see my relatives since I haven't gotten to see some of them for quite a while.

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