Saturday, June 7, 2008

8. A small sign I'm from Oregon

So, I decided to sit on my balcony, 'cause sometimes it's just nice to sit outside. (I'm happy I finally have a chair out there, my lawnchair is buried in my old roommates storage space.) Why I decided to sit out there at midnight I don't know. I should be asleep. Ah well, that has little to do with the main thought of the post. It decided to start raining, and the reason this is a small sign I'm from Oregon isn't just because it was raining.
For some reason the combination of being outside but not getting wet made me wish I was camping. I haven't gone camping in ages, couldn't afford to go or get time off the last few times my friends went and my dad doesn't care much for camping so my family doesn't go. (I'm speaking of tent camping at campsites with bathrooms... RV's and trailers= not camping. Afraid I don't do any "real" camping where there are no bathrooms and no people. Mayhaps someday.)
So, back to my reasoning... I apparently have been camping too much in the rain if the rain makes me think of camping.
(I was tempted to sleep out on the balcony, but decided the sun would wake me up much to early or I'd get too wet.)


  1. Interesting reasoning. Funny.

    How about posting a "You might be an Oregonite if..." post?

  2. I don't think I'm familiar enough with the rest of the country to really compare. I don't hear too many things that are special to Oregon. It'll just have to write when so inspired (pretty rare, eh?).