Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10. New shelf

I have a new bookshelf. This is an important thing, though not quite as important as when I finally got my books back. I am a bit surprised I didn't blog about that.
When I had to move last October all my books were boxed up and stored (with everything else) at my Grandma's. I had 13 banana boxes of books. When I moved in with Katia in February, I left my books because until I had everything else put in it's place they would be in the way. Unfortunately, with various things happening, I wasn't able to get them until the end of last month! I missed my books!!
Back to the shelf- Grandma called this week and told me her neighbor was getting rid of a shelf and asked it I wanted it. I'd been considering buying a couple nicer shelves for a while (and I still had a couple boxes that just didn't quite fit.), so of course I said yes.
This shelf is 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide, huge. When it's sitting there without shelves it feels like a doorway... wish I knew where it went.
I still haven't quite finished figuring out what books go where, and some of the books are still going to have to be stacked two deep, but it'll be great to have them all out so what I want can be found. This'll also be useful for when Katia wants to find something to read. Every once in a while when she comes into my room since I got my books she'll get distracted looking to see what I have.

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